Capture the moment in the form of a silent movie!

Flipbooks are a unique and truly memorable way to capture an event that will have people talking well into the future. Guests will step into our mobile studio to get all gussied up, if they so choose, and shoot a six second video dancing, holding signs, playing instruments, or just being themselves, which we then print and bind into a flipbook - a keepsake made available on the spot! By handing out custom animated flipbooks, you will see your event party favors shared with family and friends, uploaded to social networking sites, and talked about for years to come.


This is a promotional film for The Laugh Box, a photo flip book company owned by Dexter Cura in San Francisco.


Flipbooks HD

Step into the 21st century with a new take on an old device, bringing high definition to the classic flipbook. These 28-frame flipbooks are captured using a Modern DSLR camera and printed on high-quality photo paper, making sure to catch every detail in your six second masterpiece! 

Instagram Flipbooks

Bringing two of our most innovative offerings together creates the possibility to direct and produce your own silent movie. During your event, we score the internet for your guests Instagram videos, separate them into frames, print them on our high quality photo printer, then bind them for guests to pick up and take away. We help to turn those video memories into personal keepsakes, providing a fun, interactive event that starts with the phone in your pocket.