Moza Mosaic is the ultimate photography solution to set your event apart. Moza builds a mosaic live at your event from photos captured right on the spot. Sync photos through our photo booth or utilize hashtagged images to create a masterpiece one frame at a time, as each photo is automatically printed onsite with a unique identifier so guests can find exactly where to place their photo on the mosaic.

We help your guests create a one-of-a-kind work of art, one photo at a time


Pull your guests together to engage in creating and sharing the big picture. Each isolated image is special in that it contains your guests own flair, but when you step back and begin to take in all of the other pictures one sees how all of the images work together to create an incredible work of art.

The Greeks were the first to use mosaic techniques as early as the 3rd millennium BC, often creating mosaics in ancient buildings using small pieces of marble fit together on floor surfaces and created intricate designs including animals and people. Mosaics fell out of fashion in the Renaissance - but we are here to bring the art-form back to life with a 21st century twist!


Guests utilize on-site photo booths are their own phones to capture their photo anywhere at the event. From the most amazing live-spectacles to the laughing crowds at the booth, your event is captured from many perspectives adding hundreds of personal touches to your activation.


If captured at one of our booths, the photos are automatically shared for placement in the mosaic. When guests utilize their phones, they post their photos to Instagram or Twitter and tag them with your event’s unique hashtag, which not only identifies the photo for use in the mosaic, but also adds impressions to your brand and campaign message with friends and followers!


In a physical setup Moza Mosaic automatically prints photos as stickers. Guests can engage in the interactive experience by placing their photo stickers on the mosaic board in the location identified by their label.

If the emphasis is digital, the mosaic generation process is either displayed on a large-screen TV or projected as the photos transition into their place in real-time with a 3D effect.

Muse Mosaic 05_crop.jpg