Snap. #Tag. Print.

Print Instagram & Twitter Photos

InstaPrinta is a Social Media Photo Printer / Event Hashtag Printer / Make-Your-Life-Awesome Printer that utilizes Instagram and Twitter so event guests and participants can create, share, and print their own photos, allowing an event to be seen from many perspectives. Guests will shoot their photo and share it via Instagram or Twitter with a hashtag tailored to the #NameofEvent. Photos with the hashtag will be printed on professional quality 4x6 prints in a Polaroid style along with custom branded artwork for the event.

InstaPrinta Features

  • EVENT HASHTAG: A unique hashtag is created for your event and posted on the photo kiosk station

  • PRINT LAYOUT ELEMENTS: Print it with instagram labels such as user’s ID image, tags, captions, likes, comments or create your own layout design. The choice is yours

  • INTEGRATED ADVERTISING: Promote your brand by incorporating your logo, message, social media links on the print layout

  • AUTOMATED PRINTING: InstaPrinta automatically prints photos once correctly hashtagged

  • INSTASLIDES: Photos taken by your guests are displayed live at the event for them to view, enjoy and appreciate

  • SOCIAL MEDIA SHARING OPTION: Our photo kiosk can connect with an iPad station where guests can share their photos to their own Facebook or Twitter accounts

  • TWITTER FRIENDLY: So you don't have Instagram on your phone? Go with Twitter.

All Rentals Include

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The prints will always be unlimited and always free to your attendees.

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An InstaPrinta Ace will set up and engage with your attendees

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You control the print, design, colors, logo[s], and more.

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InstaPrinta software tracks prints, users, reach, impressions, and more.

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Social Media Display & Slideshows

Not only can you print photos from Instagram & Twitter, but you can display them in a customizable slideshow. Downloaded photos and tweets are automatically added to the slideshow which can be displayed on a monitor, TV or projection. Give guests the instant gratification of seeing their photos displayed moments after they are taken and monitor attendees tweets in real time.

We can even add interstitial ads to your slideshows, allowing you to add commercial advertising at your event or location, which is a great tool for conferences and trade shows.

Generate a Buzz

An Instagram printer will create an instant social media buzz around your event. With 200 plus prints per hour, your brand, message, or gift will reach many hands. Make your next event a little more social and a lot more fun with InstaPrinta.

Visually see the impact of your brand.

Our InstaPrinta tracks the number of prints, users, public reach, impressions, interactions, hashtag growth, and more! After the event you will receive an in-depth analytics report that you can share with your entire team - everyone can see the reach of your hashtag! See a sample report.

Why Go With InstaPrinta?

InstaPrinta is a fresh take on the customer brand experience for your events where you can:

Empower your guests by involving them in the picture-taking process
Engage your customers with visual content that truly interests them
Spark excitement and spontaneity as guests become instant event photographers
Create a unique brand experience with customized printouts of images your customers can bring home
Promote your brand or personal message via customizable booth and photo elements
Expand your reach and build an audience during your event and beyond

Instagram Printer - Event Printing Examples

Instagram Printer - Event Printing Examples