Photo Booths

Photo Booths

New Minimalist Templates

Minimalism seems to be the new thing in the design world, where the saying "less is more" never seems to have been more true! So we hopped on board and created some example templates to fit the trend in design so that your photo booth experience is modern, classy, and sophisticated one. 

Check out a few of the designs below.

Photo Booths

Two Rescued Pit Bulls - One Photo Booth

Ever wonder what two dogs would do if given the chance to sit in on a private photo booth session? Photographer Lynn Terry wanted to see what would happen if she put her two dogs in a photo booth and the results were better than one would imagine! 

It really goes to show what a photo booth can do to portray beautifully-timed displays of love, affection, humor, and sweetness. We understand that dogs can make for some pretty cute pictures, but people sure do make for some great subjects as well! Don't miss out on an opportunity to let your guests shine in a photo booth, bringing joy to your party, triggering the happiest emotions, and capturing a timeless keepsake. 

Photo Booths

11 Questions to Ask - A Wedding Photo Booth Rental Checklist

If you have ever been to a wedding with a photo booth you know how much fun they can be.  A photo booth can make even the most dull party exciting and, in the process, give people a memento to take home with them in the form of a handsome strip or collage of photos.

As the wedding season approaches, we wanted to give you a helpful checklist of questions you should ask photo booth providers to help you decide what type of photo booth you want to have at your party.


1. Will you be charged extra for travel to the venue?

With Innov8tive Imaging: Travel within the Greater Houston Area and South East Texas is absolutely free of charge. We try to stretch our bounds a good distance as to not charge a travel fee.

2. Are props included in the price of the rental?

With Innov8tive Imaging: We bring a wide variety of props to every event including hats, boas, mustaches, fun signs and necklaces (to name a few). Seasonal events call for seasonal props, so we've got you covered there too.

3. Will the photo booth fit in the venue?

With Innov8tive Imaging: Our booths are modular and can fit in all venues. If you were able to walk in, so will our booths. 

4. Will someone be on hand to help out during the event?

With Innov8tive Imaging: A qualified photo booth attendant, or two, are on hand to assist with all of our booth rentals. 

5. Are the photo booth templates custom and professionally designed?

With Innov8tive Imaging: Yes. Designs are tailored to your event by our talented designers.

6. Will I be receiving a digital copy of the pictures after the event?

With Innov8tive Imaging: After the event, our clients will receive a gallery link (private or public) with all of the pictures. Guests will be able to download high resolution digital copies from the Innov8tive Imaging website free of charge, which can then be taken to any lab of their choice for printing. Or they can order from our lab and simply have hard copies delivered right to their door!

7. Is a social media station included?

With Innov8tive Imaging: Our social media station, a tablet on a stand, can be added to any package for $250 that allows guests to share their pictures to Facebook, Twitter, or other media outlets. These help to clear people from the booth and makes for more efficient use of the photo booth space so that guests get in as many sessions as possible!

8. How long does it take for a photo to print?

With Innov8tive Imaging: We can print 250 pictures an hour. We always suggest keeping each session's print count to a minimum (around 4 prints) so that there isn't a looming que of photos to be printed, but thats completely up to you. Unlike some of our laser-printing friends, we print professional quality photos in half the time. So we still let you print all you want with faith you won't have to wait around too long.

9. What are your cancelation policies?

With Innov8tive Imaging: So something happened and you've got to cancel. No biggie. Just do so at least 7 days previous to the contracted date and everybody walks away unscathed. If it's because of a date change, we'll work with you to find the best alternative date because we want to help make your event great!

10. Will the pictures be available online for people to view and download?

With Innov8tive Imaging: We aim to have all pictures online within 24 hours of the event. We set up two galleries: one for the picture strips or collages and another with all of the individual photos. Links to high resolution versions of all the photos are included and can be downloaded or shared online by your guests free of charge.

11. Is there a surcharge for paying by credit card?

With Innov8tive Imaging: No. With our pricing, what you see is what you get - we don't hide anything. Where some vendors may pass on such a scrupulous charge along to the client, we take it with a grain of salt. That's just the cost of doing business, and we like doing business!

Photo Booths

Dad-To-Be Gets a Surprise in Emotional Photo Booth Session

Photographer Jessica Devins and her husband love photo booths. A lot. So they have been going in photo booths since their first date and now they can't walk past a photo booth without stopping for a little session. This time was different and he wasn't expecting the surprise his wife had planned for him.

"We are just over the moon with joy and then to see how many people like our video is just heart warming!! We posted it hoping that it would inspire someone else someday," Jessica added to the comments on her video. 

At Innov8tive Imaging, we provide the photo booths to make heart warming moments like this to be possible. Our photo booths range from the traditional close-quartered box to a stylish and modern open-format studio. We understand that pictures are worth a thousand words and bring so many memories to life, so we help create something that allows you to look back on great memories and experiences for years to come. 

We have so many options to tailor your photo booth experience perfectly to you, so don't hesitate to contact us and bring these fun, endearing photo sessions to life at your next event. We haven't experienced a baby announcement yet, but we sure would love to be there to record raw, authentic emotions such as these for you to forever hold close! 

Photo Booths

Rent a Photo Booth for your Holiday Party and Experience True Joy!

Looking for a fun addition to your corporate holiday party? Hire Innov8tive Imaging for a fun and memorable event!

The holiday season is one of the few times each year you and your colleagues have the opportunity to let down your hair and relax. Hire a fun or funky photo booths from Innov8tive Imaging for your event and make sure those moments are captured for posterity!

Pictures are printed instantly and can be shared instantly to Facebook, Twitter or via email. All pictures can also be downloaded for free from our website within 24 hours of the event. What better way of building a bond within your team than by having fun together?

We have a host of new props and signs for the festive season –  so you'll have to decide who gets antlers and who will be the elf – luckily you can come back as many times as you’d like during the rental period to switch props as the pictures are unlimited.

As always, we are passionate about helping you capture, share, and enjoy your event in a fun, interactive way - why not bring this passion to your next corporate event? Make this holiday a great one!


Example holiday template - one of many possibilities!


Why should I rent a photo booth for my party?

Anyone who has been to an event in the last few years likely already knows the answer to this question – because they are fun! That at least is the simple answer.

photo booth rental with Innov8tive Imaging allows your guests, whether they are 8 or 80, to unwind and act silly for perfectly legitimate reasons – to celebrate your wedding, birthday, graduation or bar mitzvah etc.

A wide range of props including hats, masks and boas gives you and your guests an opportunity to dress up, strike a pose and have the event immortalized online and in print. The photos are usually so popular that we now allow people to download or order individual copies of each picture, (not just the photo strips), from our gallery for framing and hanging around their house, club, or office.

If you want to be able to look back on your party with fond memories, rent a photo booth from Innov8tive Imaging and look forward to getting that funny photo of your friend, aunt Linda, uncle Bob, Mom, Dad or sister acting silly in a funny hat and sunglasses – we know from experience that once people realize there’s going to be photo booth you won’t be able to keep people away!