14 Benefits of Having Us at Your Event

  1. We provide professional quality, high resolution, long lasting, UV protected photos
  2. Easy to use for every one! Get in, get ready, press to start and smile.
  3. We use professional strobes (flash) so your images come out very clear. It's a mobile studio!
  4. Fit more people = Have more fun! Fits up to 8-10 people, so we don't cramp your style.
  5. You can customize your message on the photos for your guests to keep.
  6. Photos may double as party favors.
  7. Photos are printed instantly (within 15 seconds).
  8. Unlimited FREE photo sessions. Why put a cap on your entertainment?
  9. Fun, creative, spontaneous lifetime memories.
  10. The fun is multiplied with our goofy props!
  11. Helpful on site technician will ensure the booth is running smoothly and aid in your guests fun!
  12. Everyone has fun when we bring our photo booth into the room
  13. Everyone will LOVE it! And love you.
  14. You'll be the talk of the town for days!